RJ files

The RJ files is a collection of posts that do what my old blog Rejuvenaction did: they explain and advocate for healthy life extension.

In a nutshell, healthy life extension (also known as rejuvenation) boils down to medical treatments able to slow down or even reverse ageing. Barring things like healthy diet and exercise, there really aren’t any such treatments available for humans yet, but the good news is that the field of geroscience (that is, the science that studies causes of and solutions to ageing) has been growing very, very fast since the early 2010s. When the treatments will actually be a thing is a good question, which depends on things like how tough the science behind rejuvenation will be, how well funded it is, and how popular with the general public the topic will prove to be.

Beside being understandably sceptic about life extension, people tend to come up with all sort of objections against it. Some are worth discussing, some are just dumb. One of the main purposes of Rejuvenaction was to discuss all of them. I plan to do that on Too Many Things too. I will update this page every time I post a new RJ file.

Core files

Overview on ageing

  • The RJ files
    A (long) overview covering everything from what is life extension to why you should want it to quick rebuttals of most objections to life extension.

(More posts coming soon-ish.)

Why life extension?

Why life extension is a good idea, discussed in detail. (Posts coming soon-ish.)

Answers to objections

  • Bored to death
    Living too long would be boring… for people who already are boring anyway.

(More posts coming soon-ish.)

Other files

All other posts on the topic of life extension will appear here as I write them.