Hollow Knight: a love-hate relationship

This review wasn’t born a review. When I first thought I should write it, what I had in mind was more like a retaliation against a game that often feels (and sometimes actually is) unfair and punishing; a way I could vent all the anger and frustration I accumulated while playing said game and tell … Continue reading Hollow Knight: a love-hate relationship

15 ways Notion could become a better app

I am a bit of an organisation freak. If what I’m working on isn’t properly organised, categorised, labelled, and so on, the odds are that I will freak out and shit just won’t get done. I’ve always been like that, regardless of the size and/or scope of whatever project I was working on. Yes, in … Continue reading 15 ways Notion could become a better app

The RJ files

Once upon a time, I had a blog called Rejuvenaction, or RJ for short. Its purpose was to explain and advocate for rejuvenation. That's exactly what it sounds like, and in a way, also not what it sounds like. "Rejuvenation" sounds like something that is able to make people young again. In this sense, it's … Continue reading The RJ files

Death finds a way

The intercom buzzed. "Mr Death, Mrs Ofrenda is here," said Miss Coffins, in her usual, slightly monotonic voice. "Shall I send her in?" Mr Death was intent on staring at the endless black outside his windows. He never tired of the view—and how could he? What was there not to like? Nothing. Almost reluctantly, he … Continue reading Death finds a way

An appointment with Death, PhD

The eerie silence permeating the large, tall room was possibly more disturbing than the repetitive, slightly creepy jazz music that the weird woman in the adjacent room was listening to. It wasn't total silence, though, as it was periodically interrupted by the relentless, slow ticking of a clock high up on the wall. The room … Continue reading An appointment with Death, PhD

How Star Trek: Picard should have ended

WARNING: if you haven't watched Star Trek: Picard episode ten yet, the following will spoil it for you. Jean-Luc Picard has once more saved the day. He persuaded his synthetic friend, Soji, not to go through with the plan of her synthetic sister Sutra, who wanted to annihilate all organic life forms in the universe. … Continue reading How Star Trek: Picard should have ended